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    in case any of you wondered what I had been up to ( I very much doubt it..LOL ) I have just purchased this and intend to build it myself to use for everyday so the TL can be relegated to Summer and Sun Status :-) 20 quid cat c salvage...atleast it's still suzuki ;)
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    Just a few picks of my 99TLR down here in melbourne and some of my TLS project, it will be nice when i have finished with it. cheers
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok many of you know that I have been working on putting Ducati 1098 Factory Turn Signal LED Mirrors on my R for a while...well the time has come.....the paint is drying as we speak and they will be mounted this weekend! They came out great.....expensive but great! I owe a very special "Thank...
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    Just thought you guys might find this interesting...
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    Here's the latest in a string of mods/upgrades that I'm doing. I haven't had front signals on my TL since I've owned it and it's starting to annoy me. Actually, it's the cagers trying to run me over when I'm slowing to turn onto their street that annoys me, but the lack of signals is at least...
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    Seeing as I have nothing to do I thought I'd buy another project :banghead The KTM SDR is for sale as it's too much like the TL and too expensive. So I fancied something cheaper, slower and fun to race in a smaller class to the TL which will also allow me to run two bikes at each...
  7. Bike Pictures
    hi all, here`s some pic`s of the project.:D.. everything is home made, its first time im building a machine, so its going a bit slow, but what the heck, its fun:) like to hear what you think of it, good or bad;) i have a problem by the way... i dont know where the hose from the atmosferic air...
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    good day all sorry i was sure where to post this. i have just come across an sv 650 with the sub frame chopped. essentially the tail and rear seat were removed i dig the look on the 650 looks pimp like you read about. this has now inspired me to attemped this on the tlr. however i dontwant...
  9. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i have recentlly seen the best mod on a sv650 in the following post. i am all about simple looks.and think that a chopped subframe would make the tlr look sick. i love the look of a bobber/chopper with a fatty tire in...
  10. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello, I am new to the Zone and would like to ask for advice on building a TLR race bike. Have an 01' TLR with no bodywork for a starting point. Chassis is complete and engine runs well. I have been reading and learning about all the mods and upgrades for these bikes. Lot's of work to be done...
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  12. Aussie Forum
    I bought a GSXR750 out at Fowles last week to fix up. Its been a while since I've had a bike, been getting the itch again. I wanted to do a Ducati 1098 but the parts are too hard to get at the right price. Anyway here are a few pics.
  13. Bike Pictures
    What do you guys think? Decent looking or just a pile of ..... ? I have Bitubo rear suspension. LSL steering damper, Rearsets, Clip-ons, handles. Dynotune NOS PCIII, Hub, Quicksifter Work on progress Other side
  14. Open Forum
    Been a while so here are some pics: when I got her: Getting Naked: New bits: New rubber and where she is at so far:
  15. Bike Pictures
    My race bike is almost finish, at least for this season. Still plenty thing to do, but this is goiing to be a long term transformation and improvement... So at the moment it's ready to race in a resistance championship (not pofesional) and have fun with a couple of friends.... here you are...
  16. eBay Auctions Forum its 10-15 mins or so away from me, so I'd be willing to go check it out if anyones interested :thumbup
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking to pickup a project TLR to rebuild/restore. Not concerned about year, prefer lower mileage on motor. Would like it to be running, but other cosmetic or minor damage (rashed fairings, bent forks, bent rims, etc.) not an issue other than a bent or cracked frame obviously. Title can be...
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    Saw this and was contemplating it----- nar better save money!
  19. Open Forum
    Project 2009 is on the go!! Octo junior in the making! :hail We had the ultra sound exam today, and got ourselfs a few pics. This is friggin' amazing. I almost started weeping when I saw the little bugger moving around. The nurse said everything looked good, and that's a relief. I feel very...
  20. Performance Enhancement
    Hello to everybody from Bulgaria! - I want share my "little" project with owners from this Forum :hail - And before one year I buy My TL-R completely original without any mods,I drive this Bike only one month in original condition and after winter season 2007-2008 I put this bike in my garage...