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  1. Fuel Pump Issue

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello all lets see if we can get the community to help . . . The fuel pump will not prime when the key is turned, therefor the bike will not run. 1997 TL1000S *Sitting for 2 years. *No issues before 2 year mark. *New battery. *Fuel pump relay replaced (didn't need to but did it anyway)...
  2. Wont Start, No prime, Relay Click, any suggestions?

    Help Forum
    Ok having an issue with my project bike. It WONT START :banghead Had it running 3-4 weeks ago and it was fine, did TB sync, TPS etc etc and all was good in the world. Then a few days ago finally get some parts i was waiting for and put her all together only to press the start button to the...