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  1. If you got employee pricing for a day....

    Open Forum
    If you got employee pricing for a day at a motorcycle dealership what would you buy??:devious
  2. Pricing out yosh, PCIII and tuning.

    Performance Enhancement
    So I'm pricing out the cost of getting a full yosh system, with Power Commander III and dyno tuning for my '97 TL1000S. Does this sound like a good deal? average? or expensive? PC III installed Full yosh RS3 installed Dyno tuning $1,776 out the door. (Free winter storage included, though I...
  3. 6pot caliper pricing, is this too high?

    Help Forum
    I found a set of 6pot calipers from a totaled zx12 but the guy wants 45 a side so 90 total. Is that a good price? I haven't checked on it that much and I can't catch them on ebay.