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  1. tls small parts - small prices

    Looking to Sell
    35usd shipped 10 usd shipped 50 usd shipped 100 usd shipped 30 usd shipped 60 usd shipped 50 usd shipped 80 usd shipped
  2. TLR parts FS reduced prices

    Looking to Sell
    TL1000R Part out 1998 Prices do not include shipping.... Plastics/Body: Ram Air Tubes $45 pair Ram Air Tube Boots $8 each Electrical: Speedo/Tachometer $80 Tail Light $15 Complete engine harness $90 + & - wires off starter relay $5 Horn $15 Sensors/Switches: Tip over switch $10...
  3. Arai prices

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    My old Arai is 8 years old and looking tired so have been looking at getting a new one, plain black as usual so I can make my usual Roger Marshall replica...have you seen the prices ??? bloody hell :banghead I might look at some other makes..
  4. Prices

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Im gonna sell my exhaust system (high rise mod) off my S with carbon round art race cans, the system has a slight graze in it and one of the cans has a slight scuff on the alloy mount, the carbon cans are a bit discoloured but look like new with a bit of silicone spray, i also have a pair of...
  5. TLR part out...LOWEST PRICES HERE!!!

    Looking to Sell
    Parting out a 99 TL1000R and everything must go except wheels and engine….Shoot me a PM if your interested Body Panels. Tail Fairing $100 Nose Fairing $75 LH Side $100 RH Side $100 Belly Pan $60 Front Fender $40 V Fairing $45 Gas Tank $150 Ram Air Tubes $30ea Ram Air Tube Boots $10ea...
  6. Updated TLR parts list-all prices OBO

    Looking to Sell
    Still have LOTS of things left. All prices are obo 1 tail fairing w/ undertail -$65 1 tail fairing (modded to fit modded sub-frame) -$50 1 stock upper/front fairing (minor rash) -$125 1 aftermarket upper/front fairing (minor crack/chip) -$75 1 sub-frame w/ tail light (modified by previous...
  7. Breaking/parts prices feeler

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Well it looks like the sad day is approaching - I don't think I can really justify keeping the TL now that I've splashed out on a KTM Superduke. I think the bike will fetch about £1,400 in fairly standard trim (good condition '97, R reg, with about 35,000 miles on it), if I'm lucky. That means...
  8. gas prices

    Open Forum
    so i think everyone across america has noticed the dramatic drop in fuel prices, so i was just curious if the rest of the world (especially europe) has been seeing this drop in price. where im at in san jose california, its down to $2.35. about where it was when we first saw the increase. i...