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  1. Pretty extreme video

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  2. WTB Race airbox please pretty please

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    Anybody whos got one let us know please :hail:hail
  3. What was he thinking??

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  4. pretty lame

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    ok i feel kinda bad that i cant work this out, but can sum1 please post a pic or description of where i plug in a tre on a 97 tls. cheers.
  5. pretty much done...

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    SO this is one of the ebay sets i started putting it together in dec... had the tank painted to match and that painter turned out to be not so good with the customer service with sucks because they did an awsome job on it but any ways pretty much done and i am very happy !!!!
  6. Isn't this a pretty sight?

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    Just got home. 1000 miles for two TLs and an old GS450L to pay for the trip. What could be more pretty than a trailer full of Tls?
  7. Anyones TLR here? pretty nice!

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    Found this pic in if any1 here owns it...I like the paint scheme:devious
  8. MOTO comics pretty good.....

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    check these out