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  1. Performance Enhancement
    Hello All.. been plodding along with small mods here and there over the last 18 months and all going well. Air filter and air box, remus slip-ons, TRE etc.. I Installed a PCIII from the U.S. (im in Australia) and it flat out killed two of the four injectors. Returned the PC to the U.S. and...
  2. Performance Enhancement
    There are some problems with the PC. It started with small interrupts. Only parts of a second. The next 200 km, these interrupts get more and more longer. At the end, the engine wouldn't work for some seconds. Like you switch off the ignition. Than it runs suddenly with the full power or an...
  3. Want to Buy
    Is there any good deals goin for PC111s. :O Ive found $270US + delivery on