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    Do any of you folks regret getting a Bitubo shock verses any other? Why? If not, why do you think it is better than any other?
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    I seen the poll for the TLR/TLS and it made me think. I have seen alot of post by our friends across the pond and enjoy their imput. Im just currious about the ratio of euro/american R/S riders. might be interesting.
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    I tried the new thread and select the tick box for a poll but saw nothing that allows me to create the options. Any hint...I would love to run a poll but can't set it up Thanks:dowhat
  4. Photography
    I am entering a photo contest hosted by the Naples Zoo in Florida. The winning photos will be used for advertising, I think. If y'all would please vote for your 3 (three) favorite pictures, I would be very grateful :hail . If you have any suggestions to improve the framing or anything else...