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  1. Brake help please!!! Rebuilt calipers

    Help Forum
    Brake help please!!! Suzuki TL1000S with TLR 6-piston calipers: I just rebuilt my front calipers with new seals, and cleaned the pistons really well. I oiled them with brake fluid and pushed them in all the way. Some did not go in easily though. Then put the calipers on the bike, and gravity...
  2. Newbie on the Forum: TLR to TLS shock conversion

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello everybody. I am from SPAIN and just fulfilled my almost-20-year-ago dream of owning a TLS. I hope I am not too old for it. This is a high mileage bike so it will completely stripped down and rebuilt and obviously improved where possible (technically and for my budget!). Enginewise, JE...
  3. Front Caliper Pistons

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    If anyone is servicing their 6 pot tokico calipers (amazed how stuck my ones were!) and shags in a piston getting them out, give me a shout and i will drop a spare one in the post to you as i am expecting a replacement set of calipers any day so don't need them. Gets expensive replacing the...
  4. TL VS Ducati pistons

    Performance Enhancement
    Hi im going to try to make a big-bore TL-1000 engine whith wet sleves!!!!! Im having a friend helping me he has an engine-shop for over 20 years... Now to my question are there any Ducati-pistons whith the right wristpin to domehight??? that would be nice,how big is 1098 and the 1198...
  5. WTB pair of tlr pistons or single tls piston

    Want to Buy
    I need either a pair of tlr pistons or one single tls piston as one of mine has a piece missing:O i have been looking at the 12.1 hi comp pistons on us ebay for £244 but im tight and there is a reccession on, let me know im in the uk. thanks.
  6. 2 TLR cylinders and pistons $59 +ship

    Looking to Sell
    Good condition. 2001. Includes wrist pins.
  7. Removing front caliper pistons

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    While rebuilding the front calipers I ran into a problem removing the pistons from the caliper halves: they're too tight to pull out by hand. Are there any tips to recommend for removing them? I don't have easy access to an air compressor (manual recommends blowing them out with compressed...
  8. Will katana pistons fit in my TL engine?

    Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    Yes they will! But its a little like throwing a hot dog down a hallway... :laugh People see the size of these things and say holy $hit!.. No wonder it barks so different. :laugh Ok im done amusing myself. Jesse
  9. sell pistons high compression JE

    Looking to Sell
    hi, i am selling pistons JE in high compression new in boxes complete... it is standard boring (so 98 mm) i have few set. 3 sure (and 4 maybe, depends what i do later...) i am seeling one set (so two pistons complete in boxes...) : 350 € i live in france... thanks by advance for your interest...
  10. 6 pot caliper pistons

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hi guys,, what is the best way to get these out when they are kinda siezed in? the calipers are slit with each piston out by around 1cm, but i just cant get the things out!!!! so annoying! any tips would be good, i dont have any compressed air to hand tho :(