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  1. Gauging Interest in Oz in Swapping some RED bits and pieces

    Aussie Forum
    When I bought the bike it had quite a bit of red on it and I must admit I am not a keen fan of red. Would anybody be interested in swapping Wheels (Red with polished edge) Screen Support Bar (Powdercoated) Air Intakes (red Grille) Also has Red Fuel Cap surround on a OEM fuelcap...a little...
  2. TLR parts

    Looking to Sell
    All items from a 1998 blue and white TLR. See pictures below for details. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost via Canada Post. All prices in USD. Post up dibs then let me know your addy for a shipping quote :cheers OEM left side fairing: with battery door, Fabri-tech alternate TLR sticker...
  3. WTB: bits and pieces

    Want to Buy
    After a little drop today, i need a few things to get the bike going again... For TLR..... Left side front peg/gear shift lever Left side indcator complete with the black cover See for pic's... Any help...
  4. some art pieces from last night election party art show - politix

    rode the sv to the bad part of la to check out my friend michelle art piece... michelles piece some of the awesome other bits... framed in $10 bills... america! sarah :drool :laugh