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  1. Open Forum
    Weird and a complete waste of time.
  2. Open Forum
    So thats all im postin,pic of a mates FJ taken at the weekends Brass Monkey rally.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok about every type of thread has been let's mix it up a bit....let's see everyone post up a picture of yourself, your better half meaning your hottie wife, family, and two wheeled member of the household....and that don't mean your old Ford Pinto sitting on jackstands in your...
  4. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    A shot from Monday at Cadwell.... on the GSX while the TL is poorly :)
  5. Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    Thought i would put some of my rebuild pictures on here as i am now,, finally,, in the process of putting the thing back together,, i am now waiting for the 'piston pin circlips' to arrive in the post, as i dont want to skip on 50p worth of clips and have one break, and i can get the heads...
  6. Bike Pictures
    Need that little push to get the powdercoating done. I am looking for a picture of a 1998 blue and white TLR in OEM style with a black powder coated fram and swingarm. Any help would be appreciated!!!!!
  7. Bike Pictures
    Hey all. been on here a while now. thought it was about time i put up a couple of pics of my bike. only a few mods.TRE-goodridge braided hoses-charging mod-bitubo shock(thanks sam!)-barnett clutch springs(thanks SK!) and redline end cans which suck bad:puke! on the list are new tyres, a...
  8. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Trying to preview an image linked to Postwhore all I see is red x. Is this my security settings or are you unable to see preview . I thought if I get this going I can scan some TLR articles that might be worth a read to someone.
  9. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anyone have a pic of a TLR clutch welded for maximum clamp pressure? regards cam
  10. Bike Pictures
    Hi guys! been working on a little mini site for the TLR/S, just figured its a dying breed of motorbike, and all the pics i have are of members from here and i want to get thouasands of pro quality images of everyones bikes and stick them here :) let me know what you think, it is still...
  11. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I decided to have a ride out today to see the lads in action:devious I thought i would go on my Gamma as i haven't given it a proper run since i got it:banghead I ended up doing 292 miles round trip and now i'm knacked. Bike ran great, the only problem was my mpg:banghead( 4cyl 2 stroke) don't...
  12. Photography
    I am entering a photo contest hosted by the Naples Zoo in Florida. The winning photos will be used for advertising, I think. If y'all would please vote for your 3 (three) favorite pictures, I would be very grateful :hail . If you have any suggestions to improve the framing or anything else...
  13. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    sorry new to this do i add picture to my blog bit that appears on the left when you post a thread??????:coocoo
  14. Bike Pictures
    I scooted down to PP after work last night. Gotta love a place where you can just ride up a 14'er as a quick after work activity:hail BTW the roads getting there were sweet too - no pics, but twisty mountain roads with few cars and no cops - the new avons are pretty much dechickenstripped:devious
1-14 of 15 Results