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  1. Fairly Comprehensive Electrical Mods Pkg w/Schematic and link to pics!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    TLS Fairly Comprehensive Electrical Mod Pkg My normally-trusty '97 TLS (22k mi.) died last fall- started up, ran for a minute then went dead- no lights, just a puff of smoke from the front cluster fuse box area. Fuses were all intact except for 30A starter relay Main fuse. Upon disassembly...
  2. Vandriver goodies - With pics!

    Looking to Sell
    Hi guys, I have a complete set of vandriver's goodies for sale. They include - Raw clear clutch cover with a gold ring - Red pressure plate - Gold clutch reservoir - Gold rear brake reservoir - Gold front brake reservoir - tail risers (TLR) - Anodised rear brake caliper hanger With the front...
  3. super's wedding pics!

    Open Forum
    my sister in law just posted some pics on flickr while were waiting for the officials. so I figured I'd share with my fellow tlz'rs. hope you enjoy! these are from sept 27, 2008