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    managed to sneak up to the local mountains yesterday for some runs. roads were closed on monday and still bad on wednesday. finally could make it in my vw yesterday. crowds were small and weather was perfect socal boarding weather. took a few shots on my drive and on the mountain. its...
  2. Photography
    had the opportunity to make it to jost van **** for a week around new years with an old penn state buddy. it was awesome and i wanted to share some pictures of one of my best new year trips ever... :) arrival in st thomas. our vp showed up right after us in AF-2 and tied up my luggage...
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    it was a wet start but started to dry pretty quickly,the pace hotted up well, good battle between me and me bro:devious, he is one mad fecker:laugh, does'nt like being passed by his older fatter brother:)
  4. Bike Pictures
    Some pics of my bike, hope you like it :)
  5. Photography
    I'm back from my USA trip to Laguna Seca and still sorting out many many photos. I can tell you that of the MotoGP photos, about 75% are not good because these machines accelerate so damn fast. The worst are the Ducati: If the pilot hits the gas, it makes a short but loud WROOOOOM and the bike...
  6. Photography
    From yesterday.... [br] [br]
  7. Bike Pictures
    Gatton Honda 4 Rally... Saturday.. Laidley for the record cruise..... [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] Gatton show ground..... [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] and on the way home.... [br]
  8. Bike Pictures
    Here's the gallery: And a couple previews: Youtube riding video And if you're *really* interested, I'm working on a full ride report on my blog, here.
  9. Photography
    my old friend christy is the graphic designer for the lb grand prix. its the largest street race in the states. she makes all the ticket designs, brochures, programs, banners and the like. always kicks down tickets to her friends. some random shots from the last week... :banana TL at the...
  10. Bike Pictures
    [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] [br] More here..........
  11. Photography
    Hi. I'm a photographer as well as a rider. Actually, picked up my first camera about the same time I got my first street bike, so it's kind of two hobbies that have always been there. I went "pro" last year. I got my business license and am trying to do this on the side from the day job. I'm...
  12. Aussie Forum
    we went to yea for lunch,a shit load of bikes all going home,i saw a tls (red) looks unmarked,number plate first two numbers( ES),what a good looking bike,i'm not sure if anyone from here owns it,drove home the back way and took a couple of pics. i haven't had shave for 3 weeks
  13. Bike Pictures
    Some pictures from the annual bike show in Switzerland: Nothing too spectacular. Unfortunately Aprilia (RSV-4) was missing! Yamaha always has their own show, so no R1 either. Some examples: BMW S1000RR Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Rossis M1 Greetings Rufer
  14. Bike Pictures
    Went on a ride today with the 14 guys (i use to own one). Started Brisbane, Dayboro, Woodford, Maleny, Montville for lunch. Sunny and 28degs :)
  15. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    I have some photos i want to upload............ I have them saved in my pictures and all i know what to do is email them..... Who can i send them to......???:banghead
  16. Bike Pictures
    I like this photo,taken at Portland international raceway, 1.9 mile
  17. Photography
    visited family in PA and some friends in NC pictures of my hometown ephrata, middle of amish country drive to through VA biltmore estate in TN, my buddy from penn state U heads that arbory group there, lots of trees to take care of... his dream job biggest known trumpet creeper...
  18. Bike Pictures
    I met up with some fellow "foreigners" on a variety of bikes. We cruised around the Kii peninsula...which basically stretches south between Nagoya and Osaka. Here are some previews: The full gallery is here: Enjoy. :)
  19. Photography
    Just had the annual bike show. Gets bigger every year. Some of the many bikes on display.....
  20. Photography
    This is pratice day shots from today at QLD Raceway for our 620hp Touring car series....