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  1. Phone charger on the bike

    Open Forum
    I want to get a charger for my iPhone for the bike. I'm guessing I can just buy a cheap car charger, chop it up and conect it straight to the battery. just wondering if any of you electrical gurus see any problems doing this? Thanks in advance
  2. Latest cell phone on the market!

    Open Forum
    The best thing I have ever seen!! A german clip, but you will get the picture:laugh
  3. Reverse phone number look up

    Open Forum
    Anybody subscribe to a reverse phone number look up service? If yes, I'd appreciate a favor. Some guy has a called our house on multiple occasions in the middle of the night. I looked up his number and didn't get anything. I plan to lodge the number with the police but I'm not sure what that...
  4. Cell Phone Tapping

    Open Forum
    A friend of mine sent this to me today. Shocked the crap outta me as I thought it was a meatspin pic or something, but is legit.
  5. Mobile Phone - Stand alone GPS software?

    Aussie Forum
    Can anyone recommend some GPS software that works on Windows Mobile but is stand alone i.e. Doesn't need an internet connection to work? My phone came with Wayfinder which isn't bad, and even though I downloaded most of the AU maps, it still needs to connect to their server to work. I'm not...
  6. Dropped my work cell phone

    Open Forum
    in the urinal at work. Ewwwwwwww, The power on button was not working prior to this incident so you could not turn the phone off unless you pull the battery. To turn it on you had to reset it. Anyways, I will be getting a replacement Thursday. I just hooked it up to the charger after...
  7. new g1 phone

    Open Forum
    just got the google g1 phone and love it better then the iphone. any one else out there got it.
  8. random cell phone pictures i took one day last week

    decided to shoot up some pictures one day last week. :O in chronological order... 6m bike ride to school stop at the gym ted the machinist and undergrad viviana placing an work order sunny and jennifer loving grad school. on the cart is a 18kW air heater used to preheat the new...