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  1. Philip Island and then up the spur

    Aussie Forum
    got back from europe in the wee small ones of thursday and slept a bit friday got on a plane for Melbourne and headed for the gp. picked up a Triumph america from garners motorcycles in melbourne and took Rita for a ride around the city and down to williamstown and a view of the bay and the...
  2. SBK Philip Island - 1st Round (Could be a ****SPOILER***)

    Open Forum
    Looks like Yamaha has a really competitive bike this year. In the hands of Spies I think it's a clean championship claimant Shaky won't do many things, as fas as I can see :no Aprilia have got a good bike there but Biaggi..... OK.. he's a good rider but with someone else this machinery would...
  3. Anyone else riding to the Philip Island MotoGP

    Aussie Forum
    Hey guys and gals.....I'm heading to the Island from Perth to the GP and was wondering if any other Zoners were doing the same. Me and 4 mates are transporting our bikes across to Sydney and are hooking up with 5 other guys and riding to PI. We'll take 5 days to get there,going via...