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  1. Peoples "Track-Day" bike choices

    Open Forum
    So, yesterday I did a trackday at Pembrey with our local forum. One of the guys booked months ago but then decided to change his bike ..... the new one arrived a week ago last Wednesday :dowhat So, by Wednesday it had 500 miles on the clock, and Thursday had it's first service and Friday was in...
  2. Avon tyres on a tls peoples review please

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hi everyone has anyone used avon tyres on their tls, the reason is has i`m looking to change my tls tyres which are bridgestones i have been to my local bike dealership and they are doing deals on in standard tls sizes 120/70/17 & 190/50/17. the avon tyres are Avon storm st & Avon...