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  1. cancelling payments to tlzholdings

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    Hi all, is there an easy way to cancel yearly payments? I've been having a look around and can't see it - do I have to stand on one leg, look north and say a magic password? I hope to be back soon, once healed from an unpleasant bike accidentm but for now, saving money is what it's all about...
  2. I take back everything I've moaned about PayPal !

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    Just got this :steve Transaction Details -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #3MC499152Y318370U) Business Name: PayPal UK Marketing Payment Sent to: Amount received: £32.98 GBP Fee amount...
  3. lots of parts to sell but have a paypal question?

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    i have alot of tlr parts to sell but i have a question! i have paypal but i have only bought stuff and havent sold stuff my q is can i accespt money or do i need to add a bank account???
  4. Screwed by PayPal yet again !!

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    Sold a KTM radiator to a guy in Russia, he paid £170 delivered. I sent it via Fedex with tracking etc Only now he won't accept it as there is a $50 import duty..... If he doesn't sign then fedex will return the item back to me and charge me £168 return postage !! I can opt to have the item...
  5. paypal exchange rates

    Open Forum I noticed that paypal uses quite bad exchange rates converting currencies GBP ->EURO, so when doing paypal payments check the rate and you can choose to use the credit cards exchange rate. I bet they are making a lot of money by...
  6. PAYPAL HELP - sending money ?

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    i have family in the philippines. i have money in paypal i like to send to them BUT they have no bank account or paypal. now in paypal > send money it says (You can send money to friends and family ) ** email or mobile phone ** can i send to like western union or what ? how do they collect &...