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  1. Photography
    this shop in my town has a few nice machines for sale you can get the tamborini for 28k !! good buy imho love the mugen 360 and the paul smart duc with less than 700 mile... my pics this time suk ,but i go in ever cupl weeks to chek out the stock,
  2. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just received a free pass from Vent Axia who sponsor the VK Honda Team I'm not bothered about going as I prefer to watch on the Telly so I'm just checking that I can give the pass to another (Ahem) work colleague :devious You will need to report to the Redgate Suite numbers 29/30 between...
  3. Open Forum
    That was fun. Hanging with young-uns and off roading a bit. We went to Shoe creek and drove through there. I wish I would have known about all these place to go when I was growing up. So many opportunities missed on many levels. I'm hoping to get a few pictures from them soon as I did not...
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    she is on the ship.... :devious stay tuned for more info.:dowhat to be continued:coocoo Ash