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  1. Joe Rocket Speedmaster Pants Question

    Open Forum
    I am going to buy a joe rocket 5.0 speedmaster pants. I have a question about the knee sliders. Are all sliders interchangable, I want the cool ones that sparky and have a pirate symbol on them? Also what do you guys typically wear under the pants, just like some super spandex shorts, or...
  2. Alpinestar leather pants for sale - AUS seller

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    Hi guys, I am selling a pair of brand new, leather Alpinestars pants that I purchased a number of years ago and never wore. They are made from 100% cow hide with a polyester lining. There is some padding at the knee areas and they also have elastic material in the crotch region for comfort and...
  3. Leather Pants and Ducks Disease - Oz Thread

    Aussie Forum
    Hi All I can plenty of well priced leather pants that generally fit and that even have a zip for my jacket but I can't get any with the right leg length. Confession-I have ducks disease and my ass is a little to close to the ground. So, the question is Do you know anyone who can help me make...
  4. More sponge than square pants !!! DB9 run

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi All, Please help, my spongey brakes have been bad for a while, Ive tried bleeding and squeezing of pipes, flicking out air buble, speed bleeders etc and I was getting by!!! Last Tursday after a long ride home in the rain my front brakes are crap, i mean worse than usual and i mean pull the...
  5. Pants and Boots (men's and women's)

    Looking to Sell
    Ok here's the list: Icon Barrier Pants, size 34 excellent condition, though 1"cuts on bottom seams to help go over boots. $45 Alpinestars SMX-Plus boots, size 45 or 10.5 (euro/us) excellent shape, worn about 5 times, never been down in them. $180 Joe Rocket waterproof boots, size 45 or 11 (I...
  6. Joe Rocket 2XL Pants for Sale or Trade

    Looking to Sell
    Hey everyone The item here is a like new pair of Joe Rocket Alter Ego Riding Pants. These were worn maybe 10 times total. Not a mark or scratch anywhere on them. I have the water liner and netting cover, but not pictured. I am looking to either trade them for a used Power Commander II and...
  7. Klim Baja Pants review

    Ok, this is kind of a pre-review as I haven't had them out to use them yet. I found myself recently finding that my current offroad moto pants seem to have shrunk. SHUT UP, THEY SHRUNK ALREADY! Erm...anyway, so I decided I wanted something more inclined to trail riding as opposed to MX stuff...