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  1. Online sailboat race

    Open Forum
    Hi to any online sailors out there, especially anyone from the Volvo Ocean Race game last year. A new Sailonline race started today. Website here - The controls are different from the VORG but better for involvement I reckon. Its my first race with Sailonline so I'll see...
  2. Help Ordering OEM Parts in the US online ?

    Help Forum
    I'm wanting to order some TL engine parts online in the US using PayPal (as I don't have a US credit card) and have them drop shipped to the UK via a friend to save on import duty's. Ron Ayres started to play ball but then stopped replying to emails when their checkout instructions didn't work...
  3. online dating.

    Open Forum
    over the last couple of months I have been trying out RSVP with the intention of finding someone nice to share my time with. Its been a wilder ride (emotionally) than than a motocrosser with stuffed suspension and a sticky throttle!! Boy have I talked to some fruitcakes. I even dated one...
  4. Ron Ayers Online Fiche

    Open Forum
    Is it down for others? I haven't been able to get to the fiche for at least 3-4 days now. Is it at my end or are others having trouble too?