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  1. MotardZone
    clic on pic: more designs here that the guy has designed :
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am going out to the track here in about 30-45 minutes to debut both the Husky and my thumb. Hopefully they will both perform well. Amazingly, nobody is available to go. :banghead Funny thing when you couldn't find anyone to go to the track with you :lol Anyway, I plan to do just one or...
  3. Open Forum
    Was over on talking to Chad (Misfire) for people that dont know him..."g-town squids"..well any ways i was away from here for awhile:rant and didnt know u went down:O...just checking in on you man....Chad said you would be out for a few month more...just seeing when you get better...
  4. Open Forum
    We had a last ditch chance to catch a Track Day before season was over and we hopped on. It was the last session of the day for us and I'm not sure exactly what happed but apperently his bike died midcorner. This particular corner is a rather fast left hand double apex. Some how Doug ended up...
  5. Open Forum
    just as you thought no one would notice how old your getting :laugh have a good one mate :cheers:cheers life begins at 50 :thumbup
1-6 of 6 Results