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  1. Bike Pictures
    Post up photos of your bike with your FP Racing levers! My '07 Honda Repsol Fireblade: --Sk
  2. Announcements
    I'm pleased to announce that Injector-Rehab has come on board to help the site, and help our members with all their fuel-injection needs. Please welcome them to our community, and stay-tuned to this forum for their latest promotions and happenings. Injector-Rehab has been kind enough to offer...
  3. Open Forum
    Things are pretty rough right now, and on top of everything else, the DMV has decided that my motorcycle (that they've let me ride since last Fall) may not be safe and I have to go to an Official Brake and Light Inspection facility, and pay to have someone nod their head and sign a piece of...
  4. MotardZone
    The G-Town Squid Squad and my buddy Jimmy went for a 100 mile ride today. Rode up one of my favorite twisty roads, FM 4 to Palo Pinto, TX. The weather was great, we got to the town square to meet up just as the Sun came out and it was out the whole ride. Chad (Misfire) and Tye showed up on...
  5. Open Forum
    To everybody out there... Join the MCN Fantasy Road Race game Create your own team and then join the unofficial TLZone Private League with the PIN# 1214. It will be fun when it begins..
  6. Bike Pictures
    Something love them Bills!!!!
  7. West Coast Region
    Thanks to who ever put this together. I believe Dragro may have been one of the instigators. Guys today was a blast. Ride was great, awsome weather. It was nice to put some faces to the screen names. I owe lunch to someone. I think its Cameron ? Forgive me im horrible with names. Not bad, no...
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have read countless threads about the showa upgrade. Some of the info was hard to decifer, mostly due to the info being 3+ years old and the threads were missing photos. I propose this as a DIY Showa thread. It can be locked and stickied after all the info is up. (Disclaimer: This is a...