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  1. Looking to Sell
    I'm considering selling the TL :(:(:(:( I had a test run on a GSXR1000K7 last Saturday and was mightly impressed, but still haven't made my mind up. The stealership offered me £1,500 for the TL as a trade-in, as it stands, but valued it at £2,000 for a private sale and honestly, I wouldn't let...
  2. West Coast Region
    On Sat im going to look at a 01 TL1000 with 50k on it to trade for my project truck. I know very little about bikes and would like someone with knowledge of a TL to be there with me to take a look at it. I could hook somone up with lunch or some gas money for the help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Open Forum
    Going camping around the Astoria area and was wondering if there is anything truly remarkable that has to be seen? Gonna be camping with the wife and kiddies so no strippers(maybe).... Also any really good mtn bike trails in the area? My brother is coming as well and we both are pedalheads...
  4. West Coast Region
    I'm putting up a link for the Mt. Shasta Rally. It runs from July 3rd to the 6th. Live bands and camping included in ticket purchase. If your not into camping then there are motels close by. It would be nice to see other tl riders there. I have about 10 people headed down there from the Oregon...
  5. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    2009 Championship best 6 from 8 results 2nd/3rd/4th may Olivers mt hillclimbs £50.00 1 day £90.00 2 days £130.00 3 days 6th june Elvington twisty sprint £55.00 24/25/26 july Dalby x 2 Olivers mt Hillclimbs £55.00 a day bikes only 16th august Olivers mt Hillclimbs £55.00...
  6. Open Forum
    Vacation time :hail I'll be off for a bit of rest and relaxation in Eagle River :pirate Little bit of fishing, water sking, wake boarding, sleeping in....etc...maybe a beer or two :cheers I'll get some pictures up when I'm back.....hopefully some cool too much air off the wake and crash...
1-6 of 6 Results