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    Hay guys! New to this site. Well not actually but it has been many years. Checking back in now that my TL project is getting close to completion. Many years back I mentioned this project in the forum but jumped out to concentrate on my career. Well 2 years later the TL lives. Just started...
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    Is anyone interested in mogging off to the sun for a month , Italy , Spain etc? In 2006 a Blackbird excursion brought me a pension & a week in intensive care so realising that time may be short , I looked around for the red TLS I'd always wanted & found an 'as new' with 6k on the clock for £2k...
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    Hello just joined the zone and look forward to chattin with you all. Would have posted pics of scooter but it is being painted at this time,but will post pics when she is done.:)