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  1. Open Forum
    Thinking about getting a Sonos passive player, the ZP90 together with the Sonos remote CR200. I store music on a Linux server that is always online, both flac and mp3 music. The audio equipment is an Onkyo 875 with a pair of Dali Ikon 6 speakers. Very nice sound btw. :hail Currently I'm just...
  2. Open Forum
    Anyone know the name of this soundtrack as used in Family Guy when Peter's breakfast machine shoots him?
  3. Open Forum
    New AC/DC.......from Black Ice...."Rockin roll Train"....oh fxxk yeah !!!! Thank me later hN2mKVx2r0SpPIFksK5DFmML4TqxzE5WraGo/LDWLCRAkNvxA==d=MjU5MTcyNjYzXjEyMTk4ODYwMDA=...
  4. Open Forum
    Well I gave in and bought an iphone 3G 16GB. Anyway I have found some stuff that you may all already know about that doesn't require an iphone. First off is it generates a "radio station" based on any combination of songs or artists that you can listen to on your comp. . It is...
1-4 of 5 Results