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  1. DK Motorcycles having a laugh :-)

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    Just one example of there vastly overpriced parts :coocoo Water Pump Impeller Only £16.81 New from Robinsons Foundry, they want £26.99 for a used one :lol
  2. Model motorcycles

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    Saw this on another forum and I knew there's some folks here that'll totally dig this guy's work.
  3. Back Surgery & Motorcycles

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    Anyone ever had a cage put around spine? Some of you know i was injured in Iraq and have had a few (ok A LOT) of surgeries since coming home. Found out 2 weeks ago that I have to have yet another surgery, this time on my back. Ortho doc who gave me the news told me that they will not be...
  4. Musical Motorcycles

    The Video Store
    ... only in Japan! Imagine this noise going on with up to 20 plus bikes or more out side your bedroom window at 2 a.m. Bozozoku
  5. Motorcycles are Fun! A Story by Doug.....

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    This week, starting last Saturday has been a motorcycle maintenance/modfest. I got to start working on scooters again, and Mr. Hand is happy with that. It started with the Chad (Misfire) and Tye (Tye) needing to do maintenance and mods to go to the track today (4/11/09). So last Friday or...