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  1. Aussie Forum Hmmm anyone heard anything about this?
  2. Aussie Forum
    Does anyone have the complete season recorded ? if so any chance i could get a copy
  3. Open Forum
    i was wondering after seeing the dust during pre-race practice at the bikes run an air filter element ? also noticed large holes drilled in the fairings of the 1/4 litre bikes,is this to help negate the effects of windy conditions ?
  4. Open Forum
    What the heck did Stoner think over there to highside in the warmup? :O Spies was great... Ahead of works Honda with a clean pass, clearly ahead of Toseland and gave a big present to Edwards by cutting points off Dovizioso, something that Toseland was not able to do all year long... Respect...
  5. Open Forum
    What position do you think he will get after the race tomorrow in Spain? I say he will be somewhere like 7th-8th (if he finishes this is :coocoo) He's already in 12th place in FP2, ahead of several riders like Capi, Melandri, Vermuelen and (guess who) Toseland who is in 16th :coocoo I guess...
  6. Photography
    watched the motogp race over the weekend… stoner won… rossi is champion… here are some of my shots...
  7. Open Forum
    Spoiler. . . . . . . . MotoGP, all over. The 250 race was great, then a delay for the start of the MotoGP, damn. All over. He's a legend. I wonder if I'll ever get to watch someone with as much talent as Rossi race again. No 9. Bok bok. I still remember him jumping on Colin Edwards superbike...
  8. Aussie Forum
    Qualifying on TV 1:00pm - 5:30pm Fox Sports 2 & Channel 10, probably on 10 HD digital one or whatever it is too. :yumyum
  9. Open Forum
    Meant to say next year or this coming year... Did we cover this already...seems he wont be doing another season in WSBK: But then...
  10. Bike Pictures
    A few pic from the motogp saturday.
  11. East Coast Region
    Is anyone in the east coast/midwest area going to be going to this? I thought about shooting up there for the weekend, but probably won't ride the bike up. Just wondering if anyone else from on here would be going? Tickets are around $120.00 for decent seats for the whole weekend...
  12. Open Forum
    If you don't have any other way of watching those races, go to and there's live streaming of the lower classes. (A bit of a low resolution but watchable anyway) For the MotoGP race you will have to go to (this one with greek commentary, though) High resolution...
  13. Open Forum
    by the way nicky kwalified 4th for tomorrows race !!
  14. Open Forum
    While normally, MotoGP is shown on SpeedTV, today's race is to be shown live on broadcast by Fox. The race starts at 2pm local time (PDT) at Laguna Seca, which equates to 5pm EDT. Viewers based in the UK have a choice of viewing. The race is scheduled to be shown live on BBC2 at 10pm BST, but...
  15. Open Forum
    i know,i know with as lame of announcers american telivision has,but i think a one hour pre-race show is totally justified for both US GP'S,obviously no one in american telivision production or advertising has the slightest clue,for christ sakes its an hour of star trek before the race,how...
  16. Open Forum
    Hi When and on what channel is the Laguna Moto GP race being televised
  17. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Every year or so I pick up a project bike to work on during the winter. My goal is to fix it up in time for the GP. The last project was a Katana I bought for $200, put another $700 into it and sold it for $1500! I used that money to finance the TLS. Here is the before picture: , It looks nice...
  18. Open Forum
    Not exactly like the previous race but the celebrations at the end of it were just great. At least we had some real action at the back positions. 100!!!!! What a career :hail :hail
1-18 of 52 Results