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    cooks corner hosted a two stroke extravaganza meet complete with music. a group of 8 headed down there. i rode my gf ginas 73 G5, saw 65 indicated once, overheated it twice and had to take a smoke break and let it cool off. rode the kawi 65 miles, came home with gina following in her honda...
  2. Photography
    This one's for MotoTiller! :cheers This guy materialized on my kitchen floor this morning. According to the internets, it is probably a wolf spider. Up until I was pretty sure that it was NOT a brown recluse, the little thing in the big glass jar may as well have been a live grenade. I...
  3. Bike Pictures
    This was an unexpected ride :laugh Rode down to a friends place last night, cos we are going into the city for New Years and it was easier to go from there than for her to come pick me up and go from mine... Well turns out i forgot the tickets :banghead. So was up at 8am when she had to go to...
1-3 of 4 Results