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  1. That's BS, troops bus money failed through WTF

    Open Forum
    Good grief, America, can lend out millions in tarp money to crooked banks for political gain, Yet.. the bus money for our troops to go home for just 4K failed through. My GOD, American government can't come up with 4K. :bs I just saw the news cast on CNN. I'm sure they will get the funds...
  2. My other money pit ...!

    Open Forum
    The 'ghey' sport :P that cost me my wrist and the best season for riding :( Y'all seen me doing the Kitewing thing, I'll sure you'll remember this ... I find Kiteskating easier than controlling an ATB board ... but the areas you can do it here are...
  3. goin to mmi guys! need money bad tlr parts

    Looking to Sell
    oem taillight complete with bulbs 50$ shipped oem tail painted green perfect 130$ OBO shipped oem front fender green plawless! 45$ shipped MIAN wiring harness! perfect con! 100$ obo shipped coils with wires and boots 50$ both shipped 2 sets of stock sprockets 90% life left! 50$ a set shipped...
  4. no money, more problems

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    so, my speedo and the two screens (or whatever they are called) that show milage etc.....dont work. the question is does one affect the other? will the speedo sensor being bad have anything to do with the 2 screens not working or is this a seperate problem? page 444 in the manual says you can...
  5. Safest Way of Receiving Money from Outside UK ?

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Looking at building an engine for somebody in Greece (not Gigas :laugh) which obviously is not an amount of money I wish to loose. In lieu of recent threads of fund reversals, Nigeria etc and wanted to check what is the best way to receive money. I've suggested a deposit first via bank...
  6. Money owing to me

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    $700AUD was the item but agreed upon $850AUD if i express courier. the item has arrived to its destination. anyone live close by to this address ? 9 haylett gardens , anglesea road kingston Surrey kt12ep UK they may need to have a visit to jog there memory if needed :mad even just a note in...
  7. TLS gap mod trays - taking your money

    Looking to Sell
    hello gents, happy to announce the fourth round of TLS ONLY :slaptlr gap mod trays for a limited time :rolleyes asking $90 shipped in the states, prolly $100 overseas via slow boat (will have to confirm). CNC stamped and bent, absolutely perfect fit, buyer must drill mounting holes depending...
  8. Made a little money and got to ride a R1!!

    Open Forum
    Well this weekend I did some work on my friends R1 for him:)...oil change/mounted l.e.d. tag/installed flush blinkers/ install Yosh exhaust/ rewired whole rear of bike:no/battery change/fixed flat.....and for this I made some money, and he let me ride it after i did the oil change....this is the...
  9. Got money, need a tax break, BUY a 49K+ car

    Open Forum "Mikulski's office put the cost of the tax break she sponsored at $11 billion for one year. It would apply to the first $49,500 in the price of a new car purchased between last Nov. 12 and Dec. 31, 2009. Individuals with incomes...
  10. Obama's Bailout plan.. Where does the money go?

    Open Forum
    Okay, I think this is the wrong move as I did with G.W. but at least I saw something from G.W. when the tax stimulus was done. What if any and when.... will we the people see from Obama's bailout/Tax Stimlus? I read the...
  11. If you have the money to buy a Desmosedici RR....

    Open Forum
    .. you may need this one, too I still wonder what's more expensive.. the truck or the bike? :O
  12. more money than common sense

    Open Forum
    i'll let the pictures do the talking.... ok no i won't, remember the phrase "every time your masturbate, god kills a ducati"? well its true, and this is how he does it. -:banana
  13. PAYPAL HELP - sending money ?

    Open Forum
    i have family in the philippines. i have money in paypal i like to send to them BUT they have no bank account or paypal. now in paypal > send money it says (You can send money to friends and family ) ** email or mobile phone ** can i send to like western union or what ? how do they collect &...