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  1. Modification to turn off headlight?

    Aussie Forum
    Hi, its an idiosyncracy of mine but I hate how you cant turn the light off on modern, aussie-delivered bikes. Does any one know of an (easy) way to do this with the TL please? Am I correct in assuming the wiring for the light are already there - so I can do the same as I did with another of...
  2. Modification for Single Exhuast: yay or nay?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    only reason i'm doing this is because my subframe doesn't have the mounts for me just to bolt some cans on, (they've been cut completely off and subframe shaved smooth) so i'd have to buy those, have them welded inplace, plus i dont have heel guards either: i think it'll be fine the way i'm...
  3. Stock TLR Modification Competition - Win Camera Mount

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey TLZ! Sorry it has been a while since I posted. Life is back to normal now. I was playing outside with my camera, sitting next to my bike and then I had an idea. My 2003 TL1000R is 98% stock...I have only made a couple of visible modifications. The first user to identify and post the...
  4. new to TLZone

    Open Forum
    Hi, not long had my TL1000S (2000) and I love it, few extras on it including Micron race exhaust, double Bubble screen LED indicators, GLPro Gear indicator & TRE, rear hugger and a few other bits. The look, the sound and the performance are excellent considering the age of the bike. I want to...