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  1. Turbo Burgman 650 Scooter Dyno Chart, Modded VMax hp

    Open Forum
    Some random dyno charts pulled off the Internet. In case you were wondering, a modded VMax with only external mods running racing fuel makes over 200 hp. Evidently it is also not difficult to remove the speed governor, unleasing full power in the top gears :eek Chart pulled from Motorcycle...
  2. modded the drz

    Bike Pictures
    today i decided to tackle the new exhaust and carb mod to make it run right. wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. more power and sounds great too! a while back i made a battery box to accomodate the larger battery.
  3. Modded base plate for TLR Airbox

    Looking to Sell
    Leary of cutting up your airbox base plate for that extra hp? Here's an easy option, an already modded base plate. All the cutting has already been done. Hardware and filter not included. $15 + shipping
  4. Air box modded or not TLS

    Want to Buy
    Yeah, I botched the job and am looking for a nicely modded one or stock at a decent price. For a 2000 TL S model, please dont think cause I screwed up I'll pay a bunch, help me out will ya?
  5. Modded clutch pull HEAVY! 97 TLS.

    Help Forum
    A BIG HELLO! This is my first post as a new member and I have recently bought a black D&K imported TLS from Ebay in a crazy impulsive moment. Its has an issue that i need some help from you guys that have had the bikes with the standard clutch springs fitted. The clutch pull is very heavy and...