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  1. bike misses from 3000rpm to 3500rpm

    Help Forum
    Had my TL1000s for about a year now and havent really have any problem. Now it starts idles fine, but when riding at around 3000rpm to 3500 rpm bike starts to miss but the after that runs fine through the rest of the RPM range. Replaced the spark plugs about a month ago and was running fine. Any...
  2. Rider misses a crash

    Open Forum
    Repost? :dunno Apply the brakes, keep going straight and miss the lot. Could have been a lot worse. (No leaving the scene of an accident law? I wonder if they got a ticket?)
  3. Misses out under 3,500 rpm

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have '97 TL1000-S, 27k miles, I know none of it's history. Above 3,500 rpm seems to run fine, but wants to miss out below that. I have put in new iridium plugs, new K&N air filter, done the throttle body adjustment and run a bottle of Lucas Injector cleaner through it. Any suggestions where to...