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  1. TLR with 144 miles on it!!!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum Someone act quick!
  2. 98 TLR with only 137 miles

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Not sure if anyone might be interested, wish there were pics.
  3. 2008 hayabusa 900 miles, mint!

    Looking to Sell
    2008 MINT hayabusa. My busa was broken in properly and is as near mint as it comes. im going to ask 8995. please no lowballers, TITLE IN HAND. hard to find Black/Grey 930 miles! warranty till 07/10 Suzuki Carbon Fiber gel seat. Rear hump and rear seat (still new in box) rear fender...
  4. Diesel trucks Ho many miles will they go?

    Open Forum
    I'm interested in a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab Long Bed LT Diesel 4x4 I think it's a Durumax as well. I have my eye on one at an auction but it has 220,000 + miles on it Is that too much mileage. This was a work truck obviously so some dings and rough bed. No one has bid...
  5. Complete TLR engine, 1261 miles

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Here is a nice gem. I would love to use this for 1140 kit:drool
  6. Tillersquid's 02 TLR 7K miles

    Bike Pictures
    This is my 02 Tiller,picked it up from the original owner with a littler over 7k miles on it. He dropped it once and painted it black from front to back,including the frame. He rattle canned the frame and it was pealing and flaking. I painted the frame a red/black marble,added the...
  7. How many miles did u have on your tl before the motor went?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    just doing a survey of sorts
  8. From miles to kilometres?

    Help Forum
    Hi to all, After searching for a tlr dash here in australia the ones i have come accross either have huge ammounts of kay's on them or the wreckers want way to much for them. My question is if i purchased a dash from usa is there any way to convert the odometre readout from miles p/h to kph. I...
  9. My New 98 TL1000R With Only 98 Original Miles

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi guys, I just bought this 1998 TL1000R from a motorcycle collector for 6K USD's. Yes it only has 98 original miles! I need some suggestions on modifications to do to it to increase power. I understand Exhaust, Air Filter, and Mapping are a good starting point but does anyone know of anything...
  10. Er, 85 commuter miles to a tank of fuel

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Is this right?? ive been using my bike to travel to site near stoke (uk) and its mainly duel carrigways with a few traffic lights between, i mainly cruise anywhere between 80-100mph with the occasional blast into 3 figures, I'm aware of a damp fuel pump gasket which will be getting fixed soon...
  11. good 1999 TLS motor only 22K miles in NC $250

    Looking to Sell
    I snatched this for whoever on-list needs it, a great deal for anyone near the central east coast. I bid low when it had no bids, and also set an electronic snipe. Someone else did bid also very low, sorry if it was someone on-list. I didn't want to take this from anyone, I just wanted to get...
  12. How many miles on the fat lady?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    How many miles has your old gal done? For me, 31,250 and counting, loving every inch:hail :bwtiller
  13. My 1998 TL1000R 14000 miles on it

    Bike Pictures
    Carbon Can Company Titanium Cans, EBC HH pads, Power Commander 3 USB, K&N Filter, 16 tooth front sprocket, Semi syn oil always, Crash bobbins on frame, swingarm and front forks. TRE fitted, Michelin Pilot 2 Road (Good in rain & dry), Iridium Plugs NGK, Triple SSS X-RING GOLD chain with JT rear...
  14. 1999 TL1000R, 6k miles, $2500

    Looking to Sell
    Located in Toledo, OH I have a 1999 TL1000R with only 6,000 original miles on it. I picked it up a few months back from a gentleman using it as a spare track bike, thus it didn't get much use whatsoever. I have been restoring it back to street riding condition, but a personal matter is forcing...
  15. 97 tls low miles tons of extras.... must sell soon.

    Looking to Sell
    Hi everybody sad to say I am selling my 97 tl1000s. It has 9500 orig mi. Custom $3000 paint. good tires, new battery, polished rims. Undertail taillight kit, custom front blinkers. Heli bars, stainless front brake lines, power commander 2 with custom map, also full yoshi stainless system. Also...
  16. How many miles to a tank?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am only getting 80 at the moment before the light comes on. Is this about right for lots of town riding? Seems a bit crap, even my SP1 managed 100. Is the map in my PC3 just pants????
  17. TLS for sale '97, 6300 miles

    Looking to Sell
    Here is the ad I posted locally on craigslist...I am in Denver, Colorado if anyone is interested: $ know the story, I could part it for more, but don't need the heartache right now. I would trade all my bikes (street and track) toward a 1098, 848, MV (I know that probably won't...
  18. 1998 TL1000R, 9800 Miles, Very Clean! - $4700

    Looking to Sell
    I am the second owner. I bought it in spring of 1999 with 2400 miles on it and it shows about 9800 miles right now. Stock gearing is pretty tall- I have been running -1 tooth on the CS sprocket since shortly after I bought it, so the actual mileage is probably ~800 or so less than what it...
  19. Snow......4 Hours to drive 30 miles to work !

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Fooking Joke :banghead For years I've laughed at BMW drivers getting stuck in the snow, now it was their turn..... My new Mondeo has the sports pack which means 235/40 x 18" rims or something, well they are sh1t in snow and ice :coocoo Slightest incline left me sliding sideways, at one point...
  20. Suzuki GSXR1000K7 Black 600 Miles

    Looking to Sell
    Originally Bought with Minor Cosmetic Damage to Right Hand Side Anything That Was Scuffed / Cracked was Replaced with New, Even the Exhaust Can . Genuine Mileage is Around 700 but Only Showing 161 on New Clocks I Changed the Oil Filter and £50 Worth of Fully Synthetic Silkolene Complete with...