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  1. high mileage engines

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    my new TLS has done 72ooo miles, and appears to be still running fine, who has the highest recorded mileage then ?
  2. One of the lowest mileage TL1000s in the country for sale!

    Looking to Sell
    I hate to do it but my wife and I have an emergency and I am going to sell my beloved 1997 TL1000s. This was a gift from my father. He purchased it brand new. (he is in his mid 60's now) It has never been down. D&D Carbon Fiber exhaust (sounds like a dragster) Corbin Seat. Power commander...
  3. Will my bikes mileage show on a different sets of clocks

    Help Forum
    i want to buy a new clock unit for my tls, but i wondering will my bikes mileage read on the new clocks or will it show the mileage of the bike it came from.:tillis
  4. low mileage OEM Suzuki front brake rotors

    Looking to Sell
    up for sale....a pair of '07 OEM Suzuki front brake rotors that will fit all years of the TLR & TLS. Rotors have under 2k miles on them, are not warped, and have gold carriers. They could use a good scrubbing but that's about it. $100 for the pair plus shipping and 2.9% for CC or PayPal fees...
  5. low mileage Galfer wave front rotors

    Looking to Sell
    Up for sale....a pair of used Galfer wave front rotors with 600 street & highway miles on them (no track days on this set). These are guaranteed to NOT be warped. Rotors have upgraded semi-floating red rivets. Carriers have been stripped and anodized matte black. I'll include the 600 mile...
  6. low mileage 180/55/17 Michelin Pilot Power

    Looking to Sell
    3 months old, 180/55/17 Michelin Pilot Power rear tire for sale. Ridden for 500 miles, no burnouts, no trackdays....changing wheels/tire sizes so have this left over. $100 plus shipping...add 4% for PayPal fees. Photos coming soon..... --Sk
  7. Honda Goldwing with a lot of mileage

    Open Forum
    That's a testament to endurance I say.