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  1. just by luck silver tlS meets orange R

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    on my tour of the u.s. still and headin back south. ended up in metaire la and pull into the parking lot to my hotel/ i see a beautiful tlR so of course i park next to it leave a business card with my number on it and he calls a few hours later. now all thats left is the ride into the bayou's...
  2. Rides, meets and gatherings Germany

    Continental European Forum
    My husband and I are meeting eking56385 at the Mc Donalds in Bad-Durkheim at 11 for a little spin in the mountains if anyone wants to come. He has to leave early so we are going to come back the Heidelberg, let the dog out and and ride some more. Hit us up if you want to come. Leaving the...