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  1. brissie meet at the stones this friday

    Aussie Forum
    the ring-ins back and hes hungry and thirsty and missing his mates :puke :laugh so lets link up on firday at 7.30 and swap lies 1 the ring-in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  2. brisbane meet up

    Aussie Forum
    hi guys its on again this friday night at the stones corner pub for a gathering and a meal etc. 7.30pm usual spot. PM me if you need details. be there or be an equal 4 sided object with identical angles of intersection.
  3. meet the family

    as its the best summer the UK has had in five years and seeing as my knackered knees wont let me ride:banghead.......i though i'd spend a long weekend away with the family down on the Pembrokeshire coast. Especially as the boy is now 2 y/o and has never see the ocean. Very hot weekend so we had...
  4. swancote meet tonight

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    how many TL's were there up the swancote tonight? unfortunately my mate broke down on the island by the swancote so we waited for hour and half for the RAC but god knows how mant TLR's and TLS's passed us. anyone here?
  5. meet the vibratiller!!!

    Bike Pictures
    Hey guys, just upgraded from my trusty ol sv650s to a 98 tls. the bike's pink at the moment, gonna change that first then sort out the shock etc.
  6. Meet the Vibratiller!!!

    Bike Pictures
    Hey everyone, i'm new here! i just upgraded from my sv650s to a bright pink( err ..don't ask...previous owner) '98 TLS. Gonna sort out the paint job and the rear shock immediately and surf this site for other mods over time. I've been very active on and it seems like i'll be very...
  7. local US car & bike meet

    A small US car & bike meet in town. My brother was one of the organizers, my job was to take photos :) See here for all: Greetings Rufer
  8. sunday meet up an ride out

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Weather forcast for the weekend is looking good:devious sunday probably the better day anyone up for a raid out to buzz the bible bashers:laugh:laugh:laugh i'll pm the regulars from last year.......... if anyones interested its usually a mid morning meet locally, bacon butty or 10 cans of...
  9. meet Katie everybody :)

    Open Forum
    i am not sure if it is scary or not though
  10. Pics from local drag meet

    Today at Willowbank raceway Brisbane... and just enough room for one more [;)].....
  11. meet ups???

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi, was just wondering if there are any people that live in the essex area that wants to meet up for rides in the summer, there are normally 3 or 4 of us that go out(we work together)but thought would be good to have more people, we generally go for a ride n find a pub for lunch then make our...
  12. Meet 'Ozzie'

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    We picked up Ozzie who's a handsome Alaskan Malamute today. Settling in well and the fireworks havent upset far.
  13. Meet my new best friend.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    After all the crap ive had with my tank in the last month i am happy to announce (finally) that i do believe its sorted,rust holes are all soldered up,Por 15 just didnt work :dowhatwell it did for a couple of hours then out it poured:banghead revealing yet more rust holes.The other problem was...
  14. got to meet bikepilot!

    Open Forum
    :woohoo huge thanks to bikepilot for hanging out with my friend maggie and i in boston for an afternoon and taking us a little cruise on the charles river. super nice guy :pirate i do have a suspicion that hes james bond in training. :hail :dowhat sorry if im blowing your cover hope i can...