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    At present I have 2-3 Brewery Style CO2 Bottles (about 3' tall x 6" Dia) that I fill via the full size 300 Bar Argon bottles at work. (Free Gas :devious) I have a gutted and modified gauge with the corresponding tails on for the two bottles and a pressure gauge so I can decant gas from the...
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    Just puttin out the feelers here. I have a small sheet of ally which is 5mm thick, was wondering if this would do the the job, just as a replacement for the standard busa arm i have, which is pig ugly :rant Soz if posted in wrong section :P
  3. Open Forum
    Went to have a look at the Showa mod thread for TLRs earlier and my TL site had turned into a Aprilla forum:confused:O Whats that about?No im not seeing things:rant:dowhat i think wtf and am outta there:coocoo and log back in and:O:confused it aint there no more.:bangheadIf theres been Prilla...
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    Started watching World Superbike at Utah after taping it on my new DVR. (These things are awesome). Speed anounced that starting with the Luguna Seca round of the AMA's they will start to show AMA rounds same day (taped of course but at least it's better that what we have had) coverage. Keep...
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    i noticed today at vey slow speeds, like in a parking lot, my rear wheel makes a sort of clunking and popping noise. not sure:O
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    I just bought my Tl. The previous owner stripped the oil pan threads and jerry rigged something to work. When i got home i was very anxious to go for a ride so I did. sure enough the bolt did not hold and being dark out i didnt catch it right away. im certain the bike wasnt running on no oil...
  7. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    ok, today i was riding my bike for the first time, since i got it back from the mechanic shop (pushrod seal), i start riding it, and all of a sudden first gear i hear a clunking/knocking noise, it happens in each gear at over 4k rpm, this never happened before i took it to the mechanic, i looked...
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    I was wondering how often you need to replace the cam chains, and if that would be the source to my clunk'y noises? It doesnt make them in neutral, only down low in gear. Any feedback would be appreciated! Lee
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    So, if you never surf the for sale section, you might miss it. Get one while you still can. I'm stopping production on almost everything this year, other than the parts I am making right now, I'm...
  10. Performance Enhancement
    With the upsurge of interest in gsxr front end conversions there is a need for front brake rotor spacers . I made some today for ITSMESTEVE so I took some photos along the way. First I sourced some aluminiuk sheet the correct thickness ( in this case 2.5mm) I marked it out to size and cut...
  11. Bike Pictures
    The first Prototype Single Side 360 Carbon Fiber
  12. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi Guys. Im looking at making an exhaust to suit my TLR. (I have all the Fabrication equipment to do this.) Can anyone give me a reason or tell me if I have to use a cross over pipe in and keep the design (the big loop around) the same as the standard Suzuki design. I'm not sure on what...
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    As in for the clear clutch covers,with all my leaky tank problems lately one particularly bad dumping of gas went down onto the cover and its no longer very see through:banghead
  14. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    want to make my tls sound less gay but cant afford yoshi's or the likes. is there an easy way to make the stock cans a bit louder ???
  15. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    The gasket under the tank was leaking since I got the bike, but other then that running fine. Got home the other day and now won't start up. I can't hear the fuel pump kick on anymore. Hopin' it's not that. Replaced gasket to stop leak, cleaned up the spark plug that was gas soaked, and checked...
  16. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    just got her back last weekend only one more thing to do they put a silver R sticker instead of a red one anyway wat do you all think???????:devious:devious:devious
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    I put 6-pot calipers on my TLS and they have been making this "zithzithzithzithzithzith" noise ever since. :bash I have bled the brakes many times even tapped on the caliper with a rubber mallet to see if there was an air bubble. Any suggestions of what it could still be?