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    Trying to get a dirtsurfer shipped from the UK to Japan ... RM is asking for hundreds of pounds! In money, no less! Anybody know of a cheap way of sending something that weighs about 10kg, is 150cm long without me having to sell my soul? FYI ... a dirtsurfer is -
  2. Bike Pictures
    An early Christmas. :doug Two sets of tyres/tires. Dunlop D606's and a set Continental TKC80's. Given the going rate lately on Ducati gauges this 35 year old speedometer was a bargain of sorts. Slowly but surely the missing GT parts i need are turning up. (Yes i know out of 15000 members...
  3. Open Forum
    Wow ... I think this guy has really upset the Muslims. Some of this is scary. :hail TLR's
1-3 of 4 Results