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  1. Wish Me Luck !!!!!

    Aussie Forum
    Tomorro is a big day. Im off to court to defend myself, yes myself, as barrister wanted to charge me $6000 for the day. So with the help , ive prepared some questions to get the cop on the stand and for once be in power with the questions I ask him. Hes a Traffic cop and hands out tickets all...
  2. just by luck silver tlS meets orange R

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    on my tour of the u.s. still and headin back south. ended up in metaire la and pull into the parking lot to my hotel/ i see a beautiful tlR so of course i park next to it leave a business card with my number on it and he calls a few hours later. now all thats left is the ride into the bayou's...
  3. More bad luck

    Help Forum
    :banghead okay finally got my 01 Tls started after fixing faukty freeze plugs and bad water pump seals put in brand spanking new battery and to it to get fresh gas made it to the gas station without a problem then after filling up turned key dash lite up for a second then nothing no power at...
  4. Santa's hat, Bad luck, 12th night

    Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Well, you lazy-bones site admin types ......... don't you know it's bad luck to leave chrimbo decorations up after the 12th night ....... all decorations should have come down and be packed away on Tuesday 6th yet the hat is still there :dowhat You're tempting misfortune for the year now...