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    I already performed a search unless I'm about blind I didn't see the answer. I seen where it was said that the roaring toyz links were no good. So my question is so where do I get the good ones from and what do they look like.
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    So I just to make sure that this is the washer that i have to use. let me know
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    I was thinking of lowering my tlr and I saw the one on egay and i thought I could probably make one myself. Now the thing is does anyone have any picture or measurements of this thing...
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    i was undecided about a TLR and a GSXR1000. I just picked up a 2001 TLR. i'm going to buy a new swingarm 9-12" over fixed, not extensions. I'm 5'6" about how much should i lower it and where do i begin. i mainly need help with the rear. i want to make sure i dont mess up the radiator and dont...
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    Just bought my first TLS for a secondary bike and want to teach my old lady to ride it but it is way to high.Does anyone know where I can get a lowering kit for a 97 tls. Not concerned with handling just want her to be able to ride it. thanks frank
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    Personally, I'm not into the "Lowered" look for the TLR but I'm wondering if thre are any handling benefits in lowering. Does the lower centre of gravity help or does it further throw out the TLR's geometry? Thanks, SteveO!
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    The guy I bought my TLR off of had lowering link already in place. It is in the middle position. I want to put it in the lower position because im only 5'6". He to me to come along the tail to the swing arm and put up on the stand. the move the the bolt to the lower link does that sound right...
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    Thought about lowering my S about 2 inches, then I got online and can't seem to track down any lowering links. I even typed "tl1000s lowering" into the search box on here and got nothing. I know they are out there somewhere... anyone have info on where to get some?
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    Does any one know what other bikes lowering straps will fit the TLR:O....they seem to have straps for different bikes, so i take it there not universal :banghead any help would be great:cheers
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    I purchased a used set of lowering links of a board member that didn't come with instructions. I emailed the ebay seller who sells them asking for a copy, but no response. Anyone out there can give me a quick idea how to install these or have a copy of the instructions they can scan/email/fax?
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    Any body use the lowering link from ebay for the TLR I am thinking about getting it but wanted to know some real feed back first about them if i lower the back should i lower the front and how do you lower the front of a TLR thanks.
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    Hey guys I want to lower my tls but use the stock links can I just pull off the link on the side of the box and put it a couple splines higher I think that would work but WILL IT?
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    Does anyone know if there are any products out there to enable you to reposition your footpegs? I'm a pretty tall guy and it would be nice if i could get them a little lower and maybe back some.
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    What do lowering links do to the handling of a bike , such as , let's say an SV 1000? The obvious would be that a shorter person coud reach the ground easier , but how does it affect the handling performance? The reason I ask is that there is a leftover '07 SV1000 at the local stealership...
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