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  1. I'm new here - what is the correct oil level for a 1999 TL-S?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, from New Zealand and am looking to buy a TL1000S over the next few months. I've had a good look around Randy's TL1000 page and he sent me an email to say that in many respects I'd be better to buy a 1999 or later bike due to better clutch and gearbox output bearing...
  2. Oil level no longer showing in window

    Help Forum
    So what did I do ... ?! Just finished repairing my stripped oil plug thread, with a short helicoil - everything went well, got a brand new oil plug in there with a new crush washer, tightened up to torque and then started filling with new oil. And hkept filling, and filling ... nothing showing...
  3. fork oil level

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi, does anyone know what the fork oil level is in CC not MM, for the 04 GSXR1000 forks.
  4. TLR Noise Level

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Anyone know the noise level of a TLR in standard form, I have Micron 'road legal' cans on at the moment, 2 days after a 300 mile ride my ears are still ringing making me think I won't pass the Donnington Park track limit of 98dB (quoted as equiv to 100dB static)???, anyone know? Chris
  5. hi level cans

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi guys i wonder if someone can help me out iam after a tlr1000 oil cooler to help with the fitment of mt tlr1000 headers on my tls having major trouble trying to find one (is it easier to move existing oilcooler...were to). i also need some trick looking hangers if anyone has any ideas it would...
  6. tlr high level cans on a tls??????????

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi everyone iam new to this tl1 lark just purchased a 98 tl1000s (wot a bike ,dont believe the scare stories) ive just found this forum love the threads and pics but iam confused (dosent take much) iam trying to fit tlr high level cans to my tls but dont now were to begin ive looked at some of...
  7. hi level exhaust

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    who makes them and how much, also im talking slightly higher than the tlr so i have no issues on losing the rear footpegs as i dont carry pillions.:thumbup
  8. Bespoke Scorpion hi level system with Renegade cans.

    Looking to Sell
    Breaking my bike so my exhaust is for sale. In great shape, just needs a clean. UK only due to shipping costs. Zoner price, £250 + postage.
  9. Toshiba Advances Bullet-Time to Next Level In Ad Filmed By 200 Camcorders

    Open Forum
    Toshiba's new "timesculpture" advert takes The Matrix's Bullet Time film technique one bizarrely cool step forward by animating within the freeze-frame. It was filmed with 200 Gigashot camcorders arranged on a special rig, recording a mahoosive 20 terabytes of data from which the ad was...
  10. stainless steel high level down pipes

    Help Forum
    hi i have been trying to find a set of stainless steel high level down pipes for my TL1OOOs can any body help. Thanks Mike
  11. Motion pro fork oil level guage

    Looking to Sell
    I have a motion pro fork oil level guage I used once, for sale. I am asking $18 shipped US only. The steel tube with the graduations on it has a small dent in it near the very top (were the hose connects to the tube) It does not affect the performance of the tool in anyway. Thanks for looking...
  12. Oil level

    Help Forum
    Can someone please post a photo of exactly where they have their oil level window marked on their S. Mine has always been upto the max, and has done the old oil in the airbox thing. Getting a service done soon, so want to mark the window so they get it right. cheers.