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  1. Open Forum
    Hey, I've been looking for some Telefonica leathers for a while to match my TL paint job. Does any one know where I can get them from? Thanks Roadrunner
  2. eBay Auctions Forum
    Hi, For sale on Ebay are my Telefonica Movistar leathers Have a look Thanks Roadrunner
  3. Open Forum
    Im thinking of treating myself to some new leathers. Anyone got an opinion on the berik 7880 leathers?
  4. Looking to Sell
    Only selling as Ive just got my new ones :) Crowtree quality, great condition but have got some light scuffing on the back,no stiching broken just scuffed. They fit me and I'm 5'5" tall, 42" chest, 32" waist, 27"leg , sizes are approx so would be better tried on. £150 no offers, can post but...
  5. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just letting you that they are still trading , Ive read and heard so much about them shutting down or selling up.. I was in Louth 3 weeks ago with time to kill so I walked round to there shop and had a chat with Alec, ended up getting measured up for a new set as mine have shrunk...:O Looking...
  6. Open Forum
    Hey guys, need a heads up on a few things. I am coming to the US for about 7 weeks from the 1st of May. Basically it's a work related trip for the 1st 3 weeks, then a motor sport trip for the last 4. What I need is an idea on where I can get custom 2 piece leathers and a good price. Nothing...
  7. Looking to Sell
    1 piece leathers no scuffs or tears, but right arm and butt shows some light slide marks...again, no scuffing or tears. Great condition. Intermountain Sports West brand (Heine Gericke's custom division) Size 48 US, 58 EU. I am 6'3", 210lbs and they fit great. $200 + shipping. Call dibs...
  8. Want to Buy
    Need a suit for trackdays:devious. I'm 5'9" @160lbs let me know if you have anything. Thanks Ike
  9. Open Forum
    Does anybody now where i can find a one-piece suit at a good price, on-line or otherwise. A couple months ago at Bert's Mega store they have a deal on some one-piece suit for like $350 or something like that, but i just got some Sidi boots and the Bitubo, but now that those are paid off, it's...
  10. Looking to Sell
    I have 2 sets of leather available... RST Pro Series: -size 56/46US, red/black/white, full armor, removable liner in excellent condition, never down, knee pucks. Front zipper replaced with a better one as the old one kept catching on the edges.......250.00 or b/o plus shipping Spyke...
  11. Looking to Sell
    Spare set of unbranded 2 piece leathers available Size eu 44 Black and Blue with Silver detailing full CE armour Never seen the same when out and have had several people ask where they were from, Last year in Mugello i got a tap on the shoulder :devious and a pleasant looking lady started...
  12. Looking to Sell
    I have up for sale a set of Gericke one piece leathers size 44. I bought these brand new about 4 years ago and have worn them about six times, damn the wifes good cooking. They fit me great when I was about 180lbs and 5' 9". I am now about 200lbs and 5' 9" and can still squeeze into them but...
  13. Looking to Sell
    selling a set (2 piece) black dainese leathers. £40 + postage. now some more info about them the zip that zips the 2 togeather needs replacing (hide out leathers quoted £60 to do this) i have also stiched the lining inside the trousers. these would make a great first set or cheap second set of...
1-13 of 13 Results