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    I've been thinking of buying a lathe for a while now, to while away the winter months in the garage. I've got the chance of a 1940's 'Little John mk1' (£450). I've read up on some techy stuff on the web but wondered if anyone has had personal experience with this golden oldy?
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    this sound good for small alloy jobs guys ? $680AUD new. C2 VARIABLE SPEED PRECISION MINI METAL LATHE W/AUTO-FEED *This top quality, precision, hobby, modeling mini metal working lathe (C2 model) is used for turning, counter facing mild steel, non ferrous, brass, aluminium, plastic etc, making...
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    well made some brackets to the exhaust and the batterybox not done yet need to do some cutout to batterybox bracket Thanks for the idea Sam :thumbup cutting the spacer removing 4mm mounted
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    I don't know the first thing about lathes and milling, so it seemed appropriate to snag an all in one unit up when it came across my desk cheap.:confused Monday, I pick up my Smithy CB 1220 XL It's not the perfect machine, but it will...