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    Must be close now........:laugh Or is the recent silence because you are camped at the hospital or shagging like rabbits trying to persuade the little bugger to come out :lol
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    Well boys and girls the time has come for a big change in my and Lindas lifes. A good one I am sure but still a bit scary :devious Yes we are having your first kid :doug supposed to be "delivered" at 26 of may. We are now in week 12 and are scheduled for ultrasound exam on january the 7th 2009
  3. Continental European Forum
    Got a freebee factory visit to Swegon Air Handling Units at Kvänum 16th-18th Oct Landing at Amsterdam, then transfering to Gothenburg, staying at Bjertorp Castle first night then Avalon Hotel, Kungsportsplatsen for second night :devious
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    Well bought one carreratochina T-shirt from our own froggshagger Jan = Wreckah :laugh Fits perfect and feels realy nice :yes can recomend them to anyone :thumbup guess this one will be photoshoped to :lol
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    i know Powerpuff Girls is your favorite show :fingerlol -:banana
1-5 of 9 Results