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  1. Trade ???? Thinking of trading Laptop for another

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    Okay I bought a Dell XPS m140 laptop with a bad KB and battery. Wipe it and ordered the original Install desks from Dell, KB and battery. Still waiting on the battery and the disk. I came across a newer laptop that I was thinking about trading. The guy is trying to sell for $350.00 Here...
  2. project laptop

    Open Forum
    I pickup a laptop Dell XPS M140 for 75.00 Previous owner wanted to sell it. Manufactured in 05 and at that time she retailed for roughly 1199.00 bones. Anyway this thing was hammered with viruses, and since it was registered to the previous owner I wiped it. I looked around for stuff...
  3. BF Deals I got. New Laptop

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    This is our first ever laptop. It's a Walmart Emachine that will do everything the wife will need. It's her Laptop anyway. I really wanted t,he HP at Best buy which was a little better for 200.00 but the line was way to long. We ended up doing a one stop shop at wally world and spent way...
  4. laptop back to life ??

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    ok well my sony vaio laptop completely took a shit over 6 months ago when i spilled a little water right in the side of it.long story short i had a tech look at it and was told the mother-bord must be fried.well every month or so i have plugged it in to see what happens(i paid $750+ for the...
  5. laptop with serial port!!

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    This is a Dell machine ideal for power commander setup $75au 15in screen p111 1100 processor 15gig HDD (10 gig free) 256mb ram serial (com) port printer (parallel ) port ps2 port pcmcia port usb port cd burner floppy drive NO BATTERY power supply windows XP pro genuine and validated (tho the...
  6. Laptop signal strengh problem

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    First off folks can you keep any replys to idiot proof level please.:):confused Since breaking the screen on my laptop I have had a poor signal from the router even if I am sat next to it ,the desl top up stairs works fine so I guess the router is ok. Ive fitted a new wifi card with no...
  7. Laptop Memory??

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    I want to add more memory to my X61S (bought it with only 1gb b/c the upgrade cost was insane from Lenovo for more memory). Two main questions. First, any disadvantage other than cost of going with 2x2gb vs 2x1gb? Second, 4-4-4-12 or 5-5-5-15? The former should be a touch faster right? any...
  8. Laptop question - RTC running slow.

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    Any clued up people know why the real time clock in my laptop would all of a sudden start running slow? The POS is losing anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes a day.