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    I am not sure if people are aware but it seems you can still buy the original design of fairing lowers that seem so desirable in preference to others......... Not cheap tho.............. & from the states...........
  2. Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    Here it is: Here is the mig welder, cart, auto darkening helmet, 50' 8gage oil resistant extension, 240v, everything to start welding... I Would like to get $730.00 OBO. ALL ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW. The welder is not a reconditioned, all items never used. Thanks for help.
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Has anybody out there put the shark skinzs body kit on their tls? I have an '01 and was considering this body kit. I don't know of anybody else that makes one for the tls. Any pics or suggestions ?