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  1. My kids want me to sell my TL for this.

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Don't know the seller. Kids want me to sell my TL and buy this one instead. Reserve is £7500 :coocoo I want to keep my TL and buy this :laugh...
  2. You gotta love kids

    Open Forum
    Found these while digging through my photo bin...not my kid (still trying to avoid marriage, let alone fatherhood), but a good friend's son Beck. Beck is 3. Beck loves motorcycles. Beck calls motorcycles "aga's". For instance, upon seeing my bike, he proclaims "blue aga!" Until recently, I was...
  3. Youth Bike Ban Lifted... But Not Over

    Open Forum
    GOT THIS FROM CYCLENEWS ONLINE still a huge pisser it happened in the first place !! we need to overthrow this government !!!!!!!!!!!! Youth Bike Ban Lifted... But Not Over Stay of Enforcement grants relief to the OHV industry, but the fight is still far from over...
  4. Let the kids ride (video re; kid's ORV ban)

    The Video Store .
  5. Kids bike for sale .

    Looking to Sell
    Here we have a Kawasati 90 (Or so my sons tell me as ive forgotten?) :O anyway its based on a yamaha PY90 and has a honda 4/stroke engine , and has semi automatic gearbox (No clutch) we are the second owners , it runs very well always starts, and NO rattles. The seat height is 27inchs ...
  6. Why kids need to go to school

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Read the description.........
  7. Kids ATV 40CC Eton VA. $300.00

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    Kids never ride it and it needs a few small things. Four bolts to secure plastics, New spark plug, and spark plug cap wire. Rear brakes and front wheels adjusted. Runs as is. We paid 750.00 for it about four years ago. All three of our kids learn to ride it. The youngest now rides the PW80...
  8. Happy Halloween!!! Let's see what the kids are going as!

    Open Forum
    I love this holiday! It's the one day I could go around the neighborhood in my race leathers and pretend to be a power ranger and no one would think I'm weird! Anyway, have a safe one kiddies! Don't eat too much candy!
  9. Took the kids to the circus, unexpected MC stunt show bonus!

    Open Forum
    The rebel 250 on the high wire was cool, but the XR100s in the steel ball were absolutely mental. They started off with 4, then went to 5, 6 and finally 7 bikes in there. 4 of them got going, orbiting it horizontally, then a couple more "merged" in, then the last one was orbiting it...
  10. Kids dirtbikes A CRF50 or a PW80? opinions

    Open Forum
    Which one should I get? I'm going to look at them this week and I'm not sure which one I should buy. Hunter is the one whom wants it and he's 5 years old, however, Alex will also want to ride and he's 7 years old. Alex is taller than unter but they both weigh about the same. Alex is skin...