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    Yeah here we go again. Spent last Friday in agony while testing out a high count copper cable in a secure area. Had to be scheduled 48 hours out to get access so pain or no pain I had to be there. Spent the next few hours biting holes in my lip and then the pain just stops. Having been down...
  2. Want to Buy
    please help, new engine in but its the later one with the breather outlet on the cylinder, has anyone got one to sell with the pipe work. all i have is the original 97 bits. cheers Ben
  3. Open Forum
    Well i just had the pleasure of passing four of them in about 15 minutes time. :banana Thursday night I was chillin at the computer and doubled over like I'd been stabbed in the side. I've been there before so I knew it was a stone coming. I popped a vicodin and a muscle relaxer and prepared to...
  4. Open Forum
    Ok, I came across this picture and man Honda has a mean looking twin in there stable, If Suzuki brought out a TL looking anything close I would definitly sell all the above to buy it if I needed to! What do you think!
1-4 of 4 Results