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  1. I don't have the only Kawasaki green TLS...

    eBay Auctions Forum
    I figured there were very few Kawasaki green Suzukis period, and I would have bet a LOT that I had the only Kawasaki green TLS on the planet... but look at this eBay ad: Small...
  2. Someone is trying to copy my Kawasaki style!

    Open Forum
  3. A few Mods to the Kawasaki ER6 Pizza Bike……

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    A couple of people have asked about my lastest track/race bike, an odd choice, a Kawasaki ER6N or Ninja 650R to you foreign bods :lol As you know I can’t leave things alone and 62bhp, 160 rear tyre and crap forks needed addressing……. First was the donor bike, a slightly damaged 2007 model ER6F...
  4. Demo'd a kawasaki versys

    Open Forum
    So after the SM510 I took a spin on the Versys. It was impressively smooth and refined. The chassis is very slim and light feeling. The suspension was smooth over bumps and fairly controlled - perhaps a touch light in terms of rebound damping, but really hard to say for sure as I didn't try...
  5. Kawasaki ZX 636 ZX-6R Rear Wheels (05/06)

    Want to Buy
    Long shot but here goes..... Looking for two multispoke 5.5" Rear Wheels off the Kawasaki ZX-6R Must be the 2005/2006 Model Let the PM's flood in :laugh
  6. 2001 kawasaki W650

    Looking to Sell
    2001 Kawasaki W650 19k miles Mods: Manx low bars (stock included) Ducati GT1000 mirrors (stock included) Manic Salamander bar ends Old school balloon/barrel style grips Otherwise stock $3800 Turn your speakers up! (my little camera doesn't due the sound justice)...
  7. Kawasaki drops out of Moto GP!

    Open Forum
    Kawasaki is officially out of Moto GP... I wonder what's in store for Hopkins and Melandri??
  8. kawasaki DIY plate holder

    Open Forum :laugh nice job