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  1. This is why you want good Karma

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    Holy smack. Kinda hit the jack pot. I picked up a 9 foot tournement grade pool table tuesday night. just had to haul it... the thing is frickin uber sweet perfect. Just needs new felt and assembly in my basement. I'm building the "man cave" down there, with my pinball machines and Galaga...
  2. Why you want Karma on your side

    Open Forum
    here is why you do your very best to get Karma on your side. We have had an electrical smell in the kitchen at the Rifleman house for the past few months. Problem is that it is intermitent and we haven't been able to track it down, until yesterday. Yesterday, after making coffee, Mrs...
  3. bad tl100r karma!!

    Open Forum
    m meant tl1000r karma, i cant type! this is my all time favorite bike and I have had many! I bought one last year, it was a mint 4k mile 99 tl1000r yellow, i bought it and while driving it home i decided to stop by work and show it off to my co workers! I ran inside to piss and my boss who...