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  1. Assen GP - 26th June 2010

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Howdy all, Myself and a few others are planning on heading to the Assen GP this year. Plan is to get a ferry to Cherbourg and ride from there. We'll be landing in Cherbourg early Tuesday morning so would expect to be in the region of Le Havre by mid afternoon if anyone fancied joining us for...
  2. Glenn Cauley July '09 TLotM WINNER!

    TL of the Month
    Well done and well deserved :hail July '09 GlennCauley
  3. Siberian June

    Taked with Canon L 17-35 USM, it was wery hard light ambient, so i have used to do some Lightroom work, and got lazy to do this work pretty good. Enjoy
  4. billy_tlr June '09 TLotM WINNER!

    Well done and well deserved :hail TLZ members can read and post their comments here >> June '09 billy_tlr
  5. billy_tlr June '09 TLotM WINNER!

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    Well done and well deserved :hail June '09 billy_tlr
  6. June '09 TLotM VOTE NOW!!!

    TL of the Month
    Good luck guys :thumbup billy_tlr GlennCauley WLR Gigas ben curtis :Changed Glenn's image link
  7. Road America June 6th

    Central Region
    Hey is anyone planning on going this weekend? I think I'm taking the wife so it will be done on 4 wheels this year. Ticket prices seem to have gone up, $45 a day. I have to find some sheap tickets!!
  8. June '09 TLotM Nominations!!!

    TL of the Month
    Here are the Rules: Please read them.. -The contest is open to the TLR or TLS ONLY -You MUST be a MEMBER to win -One nomination by any MEMBER makes you eligible to win (nominations do not need to be seconded). -You may only nominate one other member per month -You MUST have at least 100...
  9. Anybody Fancy Cadwell in June ?

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Got a quiet month and fancy some track time on the new pizza delivery bike, any takers :O Tony, fancy bringing the Versys :laugh Hottrax Cadwell Park Trackday Monday 22nd June 2009 £99.00 (Edit - Now Booked in the Inters)
  10. trackday mon 22nd june cadwell

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    i'v booked another day at cadwell with some of the lads i go riding with. its £99 with hottrax 1. grinfactor yamasaki 2. mark fireblade 3. sean R1 4. rick R1
  11. Going to Germany in June

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi I'm going to the Black forest region of Germany in June and just wandered if anyone off here had been and can give me some good routes to play with? Thats if i can find my passport!!:banghead
  12. Isle of Man TT races accomodation - First 2wks in June 2009

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    I have been approached by some people I know slightly who live on the island with a view to renting out their home for the fortnight. I have very few details at the moment but as a rough guide............. It will cost around £1200 - £1500 If you don't mind sharing a bed then it will sleep at...
  13. june 2008 pyrenees road trip

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    just put this movie picture clip together from this years road trip that we had back in june, can easily say they were with out doubt the most exiting roads i have ever ridden. we were based on the french spanish border so we had the best of both sides (french food and spanish girls)....:devious...